This generation came overnight and unexpected to fans. Shortly after core 7 was announced Hasbro cut production on the G3 line and began Generation 3.5. While many fans consider this to be G4, the company said in a press release that they are not stopping G3, just branching off. G3.5 consists of the Core 7 ponies Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Toola-Roola, Cheerilee, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and StarSong. The first animated cartoon to feature these ponies in thier new style was "My Little Pony: Twinkel Wish Adventure" It was a holiday film. So far there has been a basic set released, a TAF (Twice as fancy) set, and a Sparkly Set. Pinkie Pie And Rainbow Dash's Mothers have also been released in this line. They Come with the newborn cuties Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie (respectively). These sets cost $15.95 a piece at Walmart stores. And Toola-Roola seems to be rather Rare. Not even the official website for hasbro had her for sale around Christmas 2009 and still does not.

The G3.5 ponies feature Large heads, Large feet, Large eyes, and Each Pony has her hair rooted a different way. While thier display pictures have hoof hearts, the actual toy does not. For reasons unknown to the public, the ponies in this line all have a small hole in thier hoof. Some believe that it may be for playsets in the future so that the ponies have a way of holding on. Unlike G3, these ponies do not have magnets in any of thier hooves. Each Pony in the line has at least some pink in her.

Many fans don't like the line, while Many just adore it. What do you think of these precious ponies?scootaloo