Rainbow Dash is one of the ponies in the series. When she was a baby she was mean and rude and till this very day plots revenge on Sweetie Belle for getting mud on her scarf. She seems nicer and more of a likable pony. She can be very stileish. In some episodes she acts as a mother for the baby characters she recently had a bad wing and was laid up for a while

Catch phraseEdit

Rainbow dash has always had a catch phrase her old catch phrase was dauling now she prefers dashing which suits her. she,s too sweet and Cute to be one but she was under Princess Luna,s spell once but not now she now as a baby belonging to Fluttershy named FeatherWeight

Rainbow CrashEdit

eatch of the ponies have their own alter ego,s but Rainbow Dash sometimes turns into Rainbow Crash sometimes in episodes along with Fluttershy who turns into big Mac in The ponytunes

Rainbow,s MomEdit

She is voiced by VictoriaCook and is still here for her little Dashie otherwise known as the Shy Family

Rainbow,s friendsEdit

Pinkie pie, Twilight Sparkle, Celestria, Fluttershy,The cutie mark Crusaders,Doctor,