Scootaloo is perviorously one of random G3 ponies, but currently she is one of new G3 main charecters.

Appearance: G3- Orange body, pink and purple mane and tail, purple eyes with orang heart, her cutie-mark is butterfly

new G3- Her appearance is almost the same, but has messy mane and tail and her mane is tried in to a long pony tail. Sometime has orange butterfly in her eyes insead of heart. Even she is Cherilee's younger sister, her size is quite bigger than Sweetie Belle the space unicorn.

She also hates taking baths but loves playing with butterflies, ridding on her scooter and doing out-door activity (mostly with Sweetie Bell). She seems to also hate needles almost as much as she hates baths (Cherilee is usally seen trying to give her a needle but Scootaloo always runs away).

Scootaloo BabyEdit

Scootaloo was very clumse as a baby and would usally fall in mud or sinks.

Friendship is MagicEdit

Scootaloo is change from a land pony to a pegasus. She and Sweetie Belle make friends with Apple Bloom. Together with Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle form the Cutie Mark Crusaders. The Cutie Mark Crusaders try to find there special talent, and gain there cute mark. In Show Stoppers the viewer learn what the three ponies talents are, but they still don't know it.

---Equestia Girls As humans Scootaloo as a baby who is later called Pound cake she mothers her with Big Mac