Sweetie belle is a space unicorn and only one feautured so far in the series. By some unknown reason, she was first found by the ponies in a cloud created by two rainbows after a short rainstorm, however, after falling follow the mud, she accidently got Rainbow Dashes scarf muddy, causing an unpleasent grudge beteen the two, thus the reason why Rainbow Dash never really talks to her. It was later confirmed that she was from an unknown planet, by some called Unica, which is her homeworld and where her mother and father. This still does not explain why she was found in a cloud, however. She is alot like her best friend, Scootaloo, and would often have playdates and sleepovers with her. She has a certain fear of storms, which she thinks will blow houses away. She also has an alter ego

My Little Pony: The search for the Space UnicornsEdit

Sweetie Belle, after learning by a mysterisous space unicorn named Bath Bath, wanted to learn more about her kind. Learning that something happened to her kind on Unica, they were in a war with another alien species, and that I us to wonder what friendship could be have been missing for years, she plans to use a super computer known as IRIS to find out what happened to her family. She later finds out peekaboo a dark ruler was attempted to hunt down every space unicorn, what young may have been destroyed. Rainbow Dash, who still disliked Sweetie Belle, attempted to make a rocket, which she could be in the mail, to launch her into space, as she felt jelious, as Rainbow Dash herself also didn't know what had happened to her family. It is possible this movie is coming out 2011, and however, as said by Hasbro, ten may be a book.

My Little Pony: Friendship is MagicEdit

she finally gets her cutie mark as a Snowflake she loves going out in the snow and mother to Itsy Bitsy

Sweetie Belle in Friendship is Magic is a baby unicorn. She is the little sister of Rarity. Along with Scootaloo Sweetie Belle instruments Apple Bloom and all three want to discover what their cutie marks are and are known as the Cutie Mark Crusaders. In the episode Show stoppers the viewers find out there special talents, but Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, and Apple Bloom still can't figure it out.


Here are a few fan possibilites to why she was in a cloud:

  • She was sent there by her mother and father because of the war going on Unica.


  • It should be noted that the dark ruler is very similar to Emperor Tachyon from the Ratchet & Clank series, and it was indeed possible he was him.
  • It is possible Spike is going to be in the movie, as he knows alot about unicorn history.


  • My Little Pony cutie mark Crusaders and now Sweetie Belle,s school play clothes designer Rarity